Setting the Atmosphere through Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs

Carol singing her Mission!

I am a Gospel singer who is serious about deliverance, healing the hurting, and setting the captives free through the universal message of hope found in the Word of God.

To Encourage the Discouraged Throughout the World with Songs of Praise

Carol singing her Mission!

My life purpose is to reach the nations for Christ through the ministry of music. Gospel music can reach people in a way that is tangible. The words of a song can touch those who are hurting and break up any fallow ground, so that the word of God can be received. Crusades, Revivals and Women's conferences all over the world invite people to hear the word of God, and I am gifted to minister in song in all of these venues and help set people free from bondage!

Carol singing at graduation ceremony

"At Our Graduation Commencement Ceremony, we were honored to have Carol Hatch minister to us in song. There were over 2,500 people in attendance. When Carol sang, people began to worship God and He sent His precious Holy Spirit to fill the room. Not only did we have a commencement service.. WE HAD CHURCH!"

Dr. J.L. Cook, President & Founder
North Carolina College of Theology

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"Sister Carol is extremely anointed and she loves the Lord she sings about. As a soloist, she moves and inspires the congregation with her electrifying voice. Sister Carol has helped to set the atmosphere many times before I bring the Word of God. Sister Carol Hatch has my blessing and recommendation... Any congregation will be blessed by her singing."
Bishop, Dr. Stephen A. Thomas, Ph.D
Community Fellowship Church, Dalton, GA

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